The 5 kitchen trends you can’t miss this year

6 months ago
The 5 kitchen trends you can’t miss this year

The kitchen is often described as the heart of the home – especially with our fondness for open plan living – so it makes sense to spend time and money on a room that’s well used.  

Every new year brings new approaches to how we use our kitchens and 2024 is no different. Here are our top 5 kitchen ideas that you can apply at home.  

1. Boiling water taps: if too many appliances out on the worktop is your bugbear, a boiling water tap may be the solution. With the ability to also dispense cold, hot and even fizzy water, a boiling water model can replace a normal tap as well as your kettle. Demand is definitely on the rise, with Quooker seeing the sale of boiling water taps rise nearly 14% year-on-year.  

2. Double dishwashers: it’s a trend dividing the nation but are two dishwashers the key to more time and less mess or an obtuse addition? Those who have already installed a pair of these appliances say piles of dirty plates and pans are a thing of the past. Either run the two machines at the same time when full, or keep one dishwasher for ‘clean’ items and the other for ‘dirty’, switching between the two as required.  

3. Dopamine design: this is the art of using bold colours and eye-catching patterns to boost your mood. The bravest way to embrace this fashion is by opting for coloured cabinetry but it’s a rather permanent move. Alternatives include painting walls in an uplifting shade, or by using wallpaper, tiles and accessories to inject vibrancy.  

4. Slab splashbacks: instead of tiling just behind your hob and sink, a slab splashback sees one rectangular piece of material run right across the wall, filling the entire space. Ideally, the material should be seamless for a sleek yet low-maintenance look. Materials that work well include coloured glass, marble and antique-effect mirrors.  

5. Hot drink stations: with more people working from home than ever before, dedicated hot drink stations are highly desirable. The neatest are created in a pantry-style cupboard with doors but an alcove or corner can work just as well if you keep things neat. The best drink stations have a double plug socket for a kettle and/or coffee machine, drawers under the worktop for mugs and spoons, and shelves above for tea bags, sugar, coffee and biscuits – artfully displayed in glass jars, of course.   

Selling your home soon? A newly fitted kitchen can add as much as 15% to your home’s value, with over 60% of potential buyers willing to pay more for a property with a modern/refurbished kitchen. Understandably, not all home movers have the budget to rip out and replace just before they sell up.  

Never fear, as a few tweaks and changes can improve your current kitchen, making it more appealing to potential buyers. Before you have photographs taken or you open your doors for viewings, consider the following:  

  • Fix broken cupboards and drawers
  • Degrease tiles, hobs and ovens
  • Replace spent light bulbs
  • Remove fridge magnets, postcards and notes from fridge freezers
  • Declutter work surfaces
  • Only leave out essential items – fruit bowl, kettle and microwave
  • Replace missing tile grout and sink sealant
  • Wash up and put away all clean items
  • Remove limescale and mould from the kitchen sink and tap
  • Open a window and use natural home fragrance products after cooking 

We’d be delighted to visit your home and give you an up-to-date valuation, taking into account the age, condition and specification of your kitchen. Contact us for home moving advice and to book an appointment.

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