Go green with houseplants

over 3 years ago

Whether you’re working from home or just want to enliven your living space, you can’t go wrong with houseplants. Gone are the days when a solitary, unloved spider plant was the extent of indoor greenery as now, the health and aesthetic benefits of houseplants has led to a boom in the types and species available.

Houseplants for health & wellbeing

There are well documented psychological and physical perks to keeping houseplants, which the RHS explains in this article. From lowering blood pressure and lifting moods, to increasing productivity levels and even boosting our pain thresholds, something as small as a succulent can have a big impact on everyday life inside.

Houseplants are particularly important for those in working environments, as studies show pot plants reduce indoor air pollution – not just the CO2 released from people but also emissions from furnishings, furniture and equipment, such as computers and printers.

Follow the flora & fauna fashion

Just as with clothes and interior design, there are trends in the world of houseplants. Currently succulents are having their moment in the spotlight as they require minimal care, are very compact and come in an amazing array of colours and shapes.

Try a terrarium

These mini indoor greenhouses have had a very modern makeover, making striking additions to any desktop or coffee table. You can buy the component parts separately or for a super-speedy set up, opt for a complete terrarium kit. Check out theurbanbotanist.co.uk for inspiration and other ideas, such as mini indoor plant ecosystems, quirky cacti and living wall art.

Low to no-watering houseplants

Did you know that 60% of people who buy houseplants each year kill them accidently and are clueless about their care? If the label ‘hard to kill’ fills your heart with joy, you’re in luck. Choose your specimen wisely and you won’t have to worry about a watering schedule. This Good Housekeeping article lists nine houseplants that you can ‘totally neglect’ – including air plants that don’t even need soil to thrive!

Fake it instead

If you don’t consider yourself green fingered, or need a foolproof method of keeping plants green, you can bring the essence of the outside in using faux plants. There is a wide variety sold to the general public now – check out one of the specific online retailers such as artificialplants.co.uk and department stores but shop around as you can even find great fakes in supermarkets’ homeware aisles and in bargain stores.

10 houseplants to try

  1. Aloe vera
  2. Peace lily Spathiphyllum
  3. Jade Plant Crassula ovata
  4. Snake Plant Dracaena trifasciata
  5. Corn Plant Dracaena Fragrans
  6. Golden Pothos
  7. Bromelia
  8. Hoya Linearis
  9. Monkey Mask Monstera oblique
  10. Blue Star Fern Phlebodium aureum,

If you’re inspired to add colour to your home and even improve your health with the addition of houseplants, then the dedicated section at gardens4you is a great resource. Its houseplants are categorised by species and type, such as flowering, low light, ‘trendy’ and easy to grow, and all the plants are available for home delivery.

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